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We love educating our patients about chiropractic and how we can help them get relief from disc pain that causes many symptoms, like back and neck pain, headaches and more. We’re pleased to bring you testimonials from our patients so they can share with you firsthand how they have experienced relief from pain with our spinal decompression services. We’re always excited about helping our clients, and we especially love helping people feel great, when they’ve suffered with pain for weeks, months or even years.

Would you like to know more about our chiropractic services? Then please call us at (616) 465-2557 to learn about how we can help you.

The most important thing is I HAVE LESS PAIN! My pain has decreased each week. I am 90% better because of Dr. Miller’s DRX Program. It was very relaxing. The entire staff is very friendly and professional.

Mr. Tom Andrews - U.S. Postal Service – 52 years old – Lowell, MI

The excruciating sciatic pain I had in my leg was tremendous. I was not able to do simple everyday functions. I am now pain free and can do all the things I used to do before. My back has not felt this good in years. I have improved 100% and I could not ask for more! I am so grateful to have done this program. I would recommend this program to anyone with back problems.

Terry Jobin – 63 years old – Ionia, MI

Before I started going to Total Health Chiropractic, I had chronic neck pain and severe headaches for years. It would interfere with my life. I lived on pain medication and was miserable. Since coming here, I hardly ever suffer with neck pain or headaches. They helped bring my joy back! I also enjoy the great staff!

Sarah Mooney – 33 Years Old – Byron Center

I have already recommended this program to others because it seems to be the best option when facing back surgery. I now have less pain and a stronger back which has enabled me to be active again. Dr. Miller’s candid and clear explanation of back pain and my symptoms was enlightening. The atmosphere in the office was always upbeat and the staff is always cheerful and considerate.

Mr. Bill Henderson – Sales – 63 years old – Fenville, MI

Diane Brogger testimonial

I have not had to use my pain medication anymore! My neck pain has disappeared and I am able to walk so much better.

Diane Brogger – 64 years old – Kentwood, MI

Ruth Sieting testimonialI would recommend Total Health Chiropractic because their programs and services work. I can now do things I wasn't able to do before and am virtually pain free. Because of the treatments that I received, I can now do the things I want/need to do and am able to move around and do whatever I want!

Ruth Sieting
– 63 years old – Kentwood, MI

Kathy Smile testimonial

I recommend the DRX program to others because my results have been so positive. I am in a lot less pain so I have the desire to be more active and even go on walks. Now I can get a full nights rest without any pain. Thank you Dr. Christopher Miller for all you have done.

Kathy Smith
– 62 years old – Grand Rapids, MI

Louisa Wheeler testimonial

Thanks to Total Health Chiropractic, my range of motion has greatly improved and I now have less pain. To me, being able to switch positons at night without any pain at all has been the most important improvement I have experienced. I am thankful that I have found an option that has decreased the pain on the left side of my knee and has made bending over easier. Thank you!

Lousia Wheeler – 72 years old – Grand Rapids, MI

Paul Koepnick testimonial

I really appreciate the personal service I receive from Total Health Chiropractic. Dr. Christopher Miller ‘s DRX program has helped me get the hip pain relief I have needed to be able to function on a daily basis.

Paul Koepnick – 91 years old – Grand Rapids, MI

testimonial Dan NyenhuisI love the DRX machine! I always feel so good after treatments and the pain from my Sciatica is almost gone. I was told that I would need surgery to correct my pain and that that was my last resort... they were wrong! I couldn't do anything before treatment on the DRX9000C and now I have the relief from my pain that I was looking for. Thank you to Dr. Masters and all the friendly staff!

Dan Nyenhuis
– 61 years old – Grand Rapids, MI

Sunny Sjaarda testimonial

I am very pleased with the success from Dr. Miller’s DRX program. The benefits show in many ways. I notice I walk straighter and can get out of the car/chair much easier. I have received many great benefits and thoroughly enjoy the staff.

Sunny Sjaarda
– 78 years old – Wyoming, MI

Thomas Jasinski testimonial

I would recommend this program to another person because it has stopped the discomfort I had in my legs from a pinched nerve. I can now jog and drive a vehicle without feeling any kind of pain! I now feel a lot better about what the future has in store for me. The program that was recommended was great, I especially liked the exercises and the staff is so kind and courteous.

Thomas Jasinski
– Retired – 72 years old – Grand Rapids, MI

David Ristow testimonialSince my treatment on the DRX I have the ability to stand upright, stand in line and walk almost a block. Dr. Christopher Miller and his staff are sensitive to details in all aspects. Total Health Chiropractic is like a well-oiled machine with an emphasis on patient success. Dr. Miller has a true interest in each of his patient’s progress. Everyone in the office seems to enjoy their work and being around their patients.

David Ristow
– 80 years old – Ada, MI