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Rehab & Exercise Services

With all these benefits, exercise and physical activity can be such a simple solution to general health. With a goal of at least 30 minutes a day, one will find their mind and body feeling better than before.

At Total Health Chiropractic, we set time aside to go through exercises one-on-one. We strive to encourage people to get to a healthy lifestyle. Our staff has studied and been trained on teaching others exercises with proper technique and style.

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Benefits of Rehabilitation & Physical Activity

Boosts Energy

Exercise and physical activity simply delivers oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. With regular physical activity, one’s strength and endurance is given a boost. This gives extra energy for daily activities. Simple chores around the house won’t seem as difficult.

Promotes Better Sleep

Studies show that early morning/afternoon exercise and physical activity can lead to better quality of sleep. Exercise can affect the time it takes to fall asleep, how deep of a sleep one is in, and the duration throughout the night.

Exercise Can be Fun

Exercise does not have to be something one dreads. There is an assortment of ways to get active. Exercise can connect you with friends and family in such a simple and productive way. There are dance classes, sport leagues, clubs, and many other options. Exercise is a good way to get out and release all the tension that the workweek may have caused.

Aiding in the Prevention or Managing Health Conditions and Diseases

When heart disease is a concern for many, exercise is a great way to help prevent or manage symptoms. Exercise can help maintain a healthy cholesterol and aid in blood flow throughout the body. This combination decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Not only does it decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases, but can decrease the riskof other concerns such as type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, and mental health and stability.

Controls Weight

Preventing excess weight gain or aiding to maintain a healthy weight can be easily done through exercise and physical activity. Calories are burned through physical activity, whether it is light, moderate, or vigorous work. This physical activity can be done even through simple activities such as household chores or choosing the stairs instead of the elevator.

Improves Mood

Physical activity can help stimulate chemicals in the brain which helps improve one’s mood and thinking. With the extra blood circulation to the brain and throughout the body, anxiety, depression, and stress levels are reduced. With that being said, exercise can also improve self-esteem and cognitive function.